I have pictures today

As promised I have pictures of one of my most recent projects today for all of my invisible readers 🙂 The first one is of a little guy from my new line of hellesbelles (and beaus) and his name is Mickey. Here’s his story.

This is Mickey. He who works for a little company you may or may not have heard of called Stryptogram. That’s right, you guessed it, Mickey sings for his supper (literally) while delivering stripping telegrams. Mostly to lonely middle-aged women. Its sad because most of them send the telegrams to themselves and thus have very little to say. However, Mickey’s secret dream is to perform his one man…er…demon act on a real stage instead of someone’s front porch. Ever since he saw the episode of Drew Carey where they did a satire of “The Full Monty,” he’s been hooked. He plans to call his show “The Full Mickey.” Mickey’s not very creative with names. Even so he knows he will get rave reviews and he’ll get to be a huge success just like his idol, Britney Spears……
The End

He’s still a work in progress and he’s actually a creation of my sister in law J11. (My husband and his siblings all have names that start with J so this is a handy way to keep track of them.) My little girl who may or may not be Mickey’s big sister is unnamed as of yet but here she is in all her unfinished glory.

I’m becoming rather fond of these little demons and it won’t be long before they’ll start hanging out in my etsy shop causing all sorts of trouble. I find that sometimes its easier to wrestle your personal demons when you have something concrete to get your hands on et voila these little fellows were born. Each will have their own story that they tell me as I’m working on them. Mickey told me his when I was working this little lady and he wouldn’t even let me leave the room to get paper. He just started dictating while I ran around looking for something to write on and fortunately for me he was willing to start over when I finally found an old sketch book. He swears I got half of it wrong but now that its in print he rather likes it. Ah well such is the nature of demons. Anyways, I must be off now because my stomach says that breakfast should really be soon. Happy crafting!


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