Devil in Disguise

I got up this morning and worked on my little demoness that I showed you the other day and boy am I glad I did. Today she finally decided to introduce herself. I had been worried that she might be shy but as it turns out she’s just a little stuck up. (In a good way I promise.) Her name is Lolita and she’s a regular little siren. She started singing Elvis’ “Devil in Disguise” and explained to me that she was the muse behind that song. She was down south and thought she’d play a few pranks since thats what demons do. She really didn’t plan to be a muse but word got out about her after that song was written and she went into seclusion for a while forsaking all thing corporeal. Recently she decided that most of the hubbub had died down enough to come back to this world and so she sneaked into my head while I was showering one morning.
She will be for sale in my etsy shop at Go check her out.


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