worn to a shred

Well we went to Epcot today and it was incredible but my oh my am I dead on my feet. We got there at noon-ish and went thru the whole park and finished in time to watch the closing fireworks. That started at 9:00. 9 hours walking or sometimes riding. One ride called “soarin” takes you on a virtual hang gliding tour of California which was incredible despite the fact that it triggered a small panic attack for me. I cried a little but a big part of it was missing California myself. Its been two years since I was out there last and I haven’t seen my mom in all that time. I never realized how much California was home to me until I went so long away from it. I may soon beg my husband to go out there and also to Michigan to see my grandparents as well. But back to Disney. The fireworks were absolutely the MOST incredible I’ve ever seen. I had goosebumps by the time it ended and the music was the perfect accompaniment. None of this is crafty for which I appologize. I made a patch for my sister-in-laws hat in the shape of a skull and cross bones to cover a goofy marlin that was embroidered on the side. So that was my craftiness. I will try to get some pics posted soon but can’t make any promises. Ciao bellas

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