Just let him pee on your leg. That always works

No this is not some kinky porn blog that no one should read. We had a blast today. We drove to Cocoa beach and I was like a kid in a candy store picking up awesome shells all over the place. No stingy Nor Cal beach was this– lots of whole shells and several of them were rather large. Then J14 and I built some sand tunnels and a large wall and waited for a while to see it fill up with water. While we waited for the tide to get that high, we played in the waves with the wake board and in general had a lot of fun. All of a sudden I saw a jelly fish headed toward J12 and I yelled to him to watch out for it. I walked towards him about 2 steps before feeling an excruciating pain on both my legs– kinda like getting stung but 20 bees all at once. So I hobbled out of the water after offering up some choice words and whimpering a little but laughing a little too. I had drool and snot running down my face which is as you all know wonderfully attractive. And then my husband says, “I can pee on it for you if you want.” No thank you honey. So that pretty much ended our day at the beach but fortunately we’d already been there about 3 hours or so.


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