Sproing!!! Sproing Sproing

No I’m not completely mental, just a little bit. I’m just happy because spring seems to finally be showing its little head around my house. I went outside today to check on my babies and as they were running and jumping after I let them out of the fence I decided to investigate my bulb plantings. And I am ecstatic to say that many of them are grinning up at me from above the ground. There were hyacinths, lilies, irises, and grape hyacinths along with the ever present wild garlic all topside now. No actual flowers but lots of green that wasn’t there two weeks ago and the hyacinth is even going so far as to have buds showing. I’m absolutely in heaven because that is definitely one of my favorite smells in the whole world. Jasmine, roses, wisteria, hyacinths, irises, freesia and gardenias all make me smile for hours. On a stranger note, I’m beginning to be a bit suspicious of Tink’s marked weight gain over the last few weeks. I can’t say anything for sure but she seems to be getting wider and I’m a bit nervous that the increase may mean puppies. I’d be happy but Jarell maybe probably would not. Little Pepper is getting bigger but I realized the other day that she’s the same age now as Tink was when we got her and only about half the size. This may not seem that odd, but Tink only got a little bit bigger and is a very diminuitive Labrabor by most standards. I’m hoping this means that Pepper will be small because big dogs are a little harder to contain. She might be Beagle which Jarell would like. We’ll see I guess. But thats enough about flowers and puppy dogs for now. I’m off to do something productive.


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