Stupid Blogger

I don’t know if it was my computer or blogger but it hasn’t wanted to let me post in the last several days. I have managed to persevere somedays but others I just decided it wasn’t worth it. Today after several tries I got in but I don’t have much to say. I spent the day outside yesterday for the most part. I played with our dogs, I’m almost certain Tink is with puppy but I love puppies so I don’t mind. My darling dearest had a concert last night at the city park but it was so stinkin cold that things did not really go well. I felt bad for my brother in law because he stayed for the whole thing and it ended up being a 5 and a half hour long affair. Blech. We came home after they played and watched Dan in Real Life. I had seen it in theaters but enjoyed watching it again. The combination of Juliette Binoche who is a beautiful person and Steve Carell, a wonderful comedian and actor, was nice for a quiet evening in. On a disappointing note, my digital camera seems to have gone MIA so I’m going to have to call the hotel where we stayed in Florida to see if they found it.


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