Getting a little fed up

With blogger deciding that it won’t let me in. How silly is that? I just want to ramble on a bit. I know that someone somewhere out there is looking at my page from time to time because once in a while the counter goes up when I’ve been away from the computer. Suckily enough it also goes up when I go to the home page but oh well– not much I can do about that I don’t think. I was responsible today and got the stinky bag of seashells from outside where I left it after we realized it was responsible for the odor in my backpack. I accidentally brought home some of the live shells along with the dead ones and boy do they smell…. sea-ish. Not exactly the scent I wanted to bring with me but it sure takes you right back to the beach in a hurry. I had fun sorting through them and washing them up. None of them were too brightly colored but they’re still beautiful nonetheless. And as ashamed as I am to say it, the ones that were still alive are the coolest because they’re so dainty and whole. Can anyone tell me how to add a comments section at the end of my posts? I realized that there were none and I thought maybe I’d get more feedback (duh) if there were. My email is littlesongbird17(at) and if you just put blog or something in the title somewhere I’ll figure it out. Thanks so much in advance.


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