When some one or something you love is going through something potentially life threatening, you worry. My little dog had her first litter of puppies last night and I stayed up with her till 1 am. She had 6 puppies in the space of about 2 hours and I knew at least 2 more were left to come, but I couldn’t stay on the hard basement floor any longer and I was seeing double. So I went to bed worried but deciding she’d done wonderfully with the first 6, the last two would be fine. I spent about an hour trying to fall asleep and was about to drift off when my phone rang. It was an unknown number so I let the voice mail get it. But now I was awake. Slowly I drifted back to dream land, but rather than sleeping soundly, I was haunted by dreams of dying dogs and puppies. One dream had me putting Tinkerbell and her babies in a little overturned tupperware bowl on the sink counter (these things make sense when you’re asleep) and then there was a storm in the bowl so I had to keep the babies from drowning. This kind of madness went on all night interspersed with me half-waking thinking the puppies were hurt or worse that Tinkerbell was. Finally at 8 I gave up and went downstairs to check on her again. She was fine altho she looked exhausted and there snuggled up to her were 8 beautiful little babies. It took a little talent to count them as 7 of them are black as is she. The 8th little guy is blonde. He really sticks out like a sore thumb among his darker brothers and sisters and he was the second born. I have decided to name him Navin after Steve Martin’s character in the movie “The Jerk.” This means that either we’ll have to keep him or he has to go to J14. I can’t risk someone renaming him when they don’t know that he was meant to be the white boy in a black family. After all of this there ended up being 4 boys and 4 girls. I think Tink had ballroom dance lessons in mind for the future and did this to ensure that none of her children would be wall flowers. It works out rather nicely. I’ll keep one girl and J14 can have one boy and we’ll have to find homes for the other six but we’ll convince everyone that they have to take a matched set. If this is all rather confused and loopy, forgive me. I’m having enough trouble with keeping the typos at bay to worry abou this making sense. I’m half tempted to leave this as is with all the mistakes because man would that be trippy. But my innner english teacher is censoring that sort of stupidity so I’ll just lieave you wondering. Yes I saw that. but is not as funny as “forvige” woild would have been.


One thought on “Exhaustion

  1. I have weird demented dreams too. Lately it’s that I have put the heat lamp too close to the chicks so they have all roasted, and it’s so vivid that I’m almost afraid to go look in the morning! I have always had weird dreams. I envy people that have those happy sunny flying dreams.

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