The World has truly begun to disgust me

I am often at odds with my husband over the state of human beings in this world. He sees and attributes the worst possible motives to people whereas I try to see the best. However I have come to a place where no matter how I try all I want to do is see this person punished. This is not art. No matter how you look at it what this woman (I use that word very loosely as she obviously did as well) is sick and demented and I honestly hope she never has children as she has abused the privilege beyond reason. I feel I should comment and clarify something here. There are options besides abortion. I do not feel that it is something people should be able to do because they did something stupid. Adoption is a GOOD Thing. At the same time I feel that there are situations where a child should not be punished by a parent’s stupidity. And I’m not saying all abortions are done because a parent is stupid. There are also financial concerns, mental capability et al. But again adoption is a good thing. Basicly my feelings are my body my choice, your body your choice. I choose to not have an abortion ever. You may not choose the same. That is your right just as it is my right to think you may have made a mistake. This is a very controversial subject. Inately I feel abortion is wrong– it goes against all that I believe in. That said there are reasons why it may be necessary. I can’t make a firm stand on this subject. I can firmly state that what this thing did in the name of art was morally reprehensible.


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