Further Commentary on Always

So I was happily reading my new BHG magazine the other day (the first of a three year subscription for $2o Awesome) and all of a sudden I come across an ad for none other than Always new overnight something or others. So of course I look for their slogan and lo and behold it says in plain print– have a happy period. Now some of you might say these are just well wishes and your periods really aren’t that bad or better yet, you don’t have to deal with that any more. I have heard often that menopause sucks and believe me I’m totally not ready for it yet, but periods are no cake walk. I have the bad ones where I bleed profusely with no pain and the bad ones where I stay curled in a fetal position with little bleeding. Yes this is TMI but it has a point. I also have the rare just annoying one where I am simply bitchy, bloated, tired, hungry, emotional, and in general a wreck. That was what the most recent one was like when I sent my MIL a how I really feel about her text that still hasn’t blown over and for those of you who have used your monthly visitor as an excuse to tell someone what you really truly think of them with no remorse afterwards, that was what I did. So naturally when I saw the ad I laughed out loud and ripped it right out of my brand new magazine. I carried it back to my craft room and left it there to think about what it had done till I was ready to decide what to do with it. I was back there last night at 11:30 ish unable to sleep when I remembered the vintage science book I had dismantled a couple of weeks ago. I dug through the pages a bit and Eureka! There was a diagram for a flower. Flowers over the ages have often been used as a symbol of all things female and this struck me as particularly appropriate. The result?

Why this of course

Have a happy evening folks


3 thoughts on “Further Commentary on Always

  1. Happy period? Pshaw! I had the double over in bed, bitchy and crazy kind. And menopause was like a long period, multiplied. I don’t miss it at all!

  2. Its funny how men can do all sorts of things to become more like women but this is one area where a wise man just tells us we win and gives whatever we want. What was the marketing team thinking?

  3. “A Happy Period” What the hell?? I have NEVER heard of any woman having “a happy period”. A man must of thought up that logo thinking he would change womens attitudes. Well. hey bud, it’s not just our attitudes, it’s our whole damnm body!! Can you tell I’m sick and on my period, and I ain’t happy! No, I’m okay, I just think periods suck in general!

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