April showers…. in May?

Slowly but surely in this coldest section of Helle the May flowers are springing forth. However we had a doozy of a April (May) shower the other day that quite destroyed the northland. I meant to comment on this the day after but got caught up in Garage Sale and couch cover preparations. It wasn’t until I read about it on 2 other blogs that I was reminded. So Friday morning I’m sitting on the couch and my step mom calls. She says “how are you guys doing.?” and I reply “We’re fine just getting ready for the sale. Pricing the never-ending piles of stuff. You?” She then went on to tell me how my step sister up in Gladstone had half of her neighborhood destroyed. A house fell on a 70 y/o woman, the neighbors car was under several trees and somehow nobody was hurt. Amazing! My step sister’s house came through miraculously unscathed but she thinks that the news helicopter may have caught her on video in her pajamas. Not the worst thing that might have happened I’m thinking. I said we’d had lots of thunder and rain but not much else. When I asked my husband about it I found out I was a little wrong. We live south of tornado alley but I-70 runs right in front of our house and often brings the tornadoes right down it as if it were one of those special markers that the little cars follow where you draw. I guess the shop didn’t fare quite as well as our little house down in the hollow. The property we live on used to be the home of a self storage business and one of the storage buildings is still standing complete with individual garage doors. Several of these doors were curled by the wind from straight to nice round little bundles just like a nice roll your own. I was rather amazed to learn this as we were unaffected beyond some of our lawn furniture and out door trashcans moving across the driveway. Nowhere near as bad as the storm that blew our heavy duty dog house over and destroyed the privacy fences at the house I own in Higginsville. Pure insanity that one. I say all this and it sounds so horrendous but I lived in California for a good portion of my life and all I can say is you can see a tornado coming. Earthquakes? not so much. Altho I admit we felt the one they had in Illinois a couple weeks ago its just not the same. Give me a storm watch and a basement any day.


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