Tink and the babies

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Well I’m going to try to post some pics of my puppies as I have had a  request for some. They’re darlings and I got a cute one of all the babies piled on Tinkerbell this morning. Aparently she has not quite achieved the weening with them and poor baby every time she tried to eat they’d latch on so that she was running from side to side getting a mouth full here and then there while escaping their gaping maws. Eventually she must have given up because I looked outside and there she was under all 8 of them. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of them as they are the sweetest darlings.

In other news, I won a contest! I’m grinning from ear to ear because I had made a comment about a necklace made by Lotta of Mom O Matic on an interview she was featured in and today I got an email saying my comment had won! (serious run-on sentence there!) I was ecstatic and the necklace is beautiful! I feel all giddy and grinnified. (thats a word in my dictionary) In response to this generosity, I would like to give something away as well. I keep trying, but haven’t heard anything so far. So here’s the deal. I have tons of fabric stashes, dolls I’ve made, the ability to make some pretty nifty ATC’s and many other talents, not to mention a rather impressive paper collection so if you guys will comment and tell me what you’d like to receive out of these things for free, I will send the winner something. I am taking requests. I sew things besides dolls. I paint a little and am (if I do say so myself) very good at copying. That doesn’t sound right. Let me show you the spongebob aprons I made for my husband and myself.


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