Just random things in my life

I planted my tomatoes outside in the big garden today and it made me think of the happenings of Sunday. Did I forget to mention that? Well!

Sunday Jarell and I were awakened at about 9-ish after staying up till all hours of the night before watching movies. (No seriously– thats what we did. I’m married so I don’t have to lie about it… probly should but…) As I was saying we were awakened by a very loud horn honking outside our bathroom window. I was confused and disoriented and muttered “what the hell was that?” while stumbling out of bed to get some clothes on as our bathroom is attached to the bedroom and hidden by two never closed french doors that, with the window being open, provided no privacy at all. I know admitting that I sleep in my altogethers is tmi but it was hot as hades, (I’m in Missouri) and Jarell has resisted turning on the A/C thus far due to retardedly high electricity prices.

Back on track. Jarell was not quite as disoriented as I was and got his jeans on and went, shirt in hand, to the window to see who was honking at us. It was Jarell’s mom making sure we were still alive because seven very under the influence unsavory characters from the soap opera that is the asshole’s princess’ Jarell’s older brother’s life had come down to our house and nobody could get in touch with us. (Jarell’s phone not having signal and mine being in the living room) They came around looking for a car that they claimed he (the princess) never paid them for. This wouldn’t surprise me at all knowing how TP is and all but Jarell said as far as he knew they had agreed to trade the P.O.S. car for some speaker equipment. The owner was there when Jarell and two of his other brothers picked it up so it was with this guy’s permission. The story goes that they trusted the princess to get them the money. Bah! Either way they’re idiots. If they trusted him duh! and if they were lying well…. They were haranguing my FIL about it and he said he didn’t even know where the princess was let alone about the car. They said they could show him and he said “Great! He owes me money too!” (Another long but true story about what happens when you let your bad kids have access to your bank account without supervision. $45,000 later… )This all transpired before they came to check on us and he followed them into town and here’s where I get confused. They headed the opposite direction of the town he is currently loafing in and were pulled over at the local BP gas station by a police officer. 5 of the 7 were then arrested for outstanding warrants and my FIL and husband moved the disgusting and offending vehicle from our property to the side of the road where the cops could tow it without having to enter onto private land. My darling dearest then went one step further and notified his friend (incidentally an ex of the princess) who happens to be a cop in training and told her the whole story and she got a tow sticker put on the car. It should be gone tomorrow as the 3 day warning period is up. This all happened before 11 on Sunday morning. Then Jarell and I headed over to his parent’s house, picked up their trusty Yanmar tractor and returned home. We plowed, rototilled, and degrassed the whole darn thing and yesterday I planted all my seeds. This morning, as I mentioned above, I put in my tomatoes. Jarell came home for lunch, looked out the kitchen window, and said,” Wow you already have stuff growing in your garden!” I smiled indulgently and said, “Yes darling but I started those back in March, and you helped me carry them out there this morning, remember?” He said, “Oh yeah… I forgot.”

I watered those babies this evening serenaded by hundreds of peepers, coyote pups yipping in the distance, and their parents howling the neighborhood gossip over all the rest and have a lot of hope for them. I thought of mon cher invisibles and decided someone out there might be amused by these events. They were highly amusing to me especially when I heard my FIL ask my husband for information concerning the whereabouts of a certain car belonging to TP that was paid for with some of his ill gotten means from the other story I mentioned earlier. I also had a good laugh when I heard that TP called his semi-estranged mother the other day and said something to the effect of, “Well I guess me and my wife will be moving back in with you guys cuz we’re about to be homeless here in a couple days.” At which point my MIL said her nice version of Hell No. I feel bad for his wife as she is almost 18 and he is almost 27 and a more domineering prick I’ve never met. She was disowned by her parents for marrying him (or so I hear) and she is currently supporting them working at Wendy’s now that he has been cut off from all the business accounts that he had access to. She must have been really flattered by his attentions or something because they hadn’t really known each other too very long when they got married and she’s still a minor for god’s sake! He, however could get off his lazy butt and get a job if chose to, but he chooses instead to slowly sell off all the junk he bought on his parent’s tab and bum money of his little sister. Pathetic! I often wish fervently out loud that he would just get arrested for one of the numerous illegal things he’s done, but theres nothing I can prove so that option may be a while in coming. In the meantime, I told J11 to tell his wife that despite the heinous things I know he’s told her about me, if she ever needs someone to rescue her, I will be there. I haven’t met the poor girl but she’s still my sister-in-law and knowing how he is, when the shit hits the fan, she will need someone.

Sorry this is so long and disjointed. I needed to get all that crap out of my head and I try not to talk to people who know the main characters about all of this if they are not in the family.

Have a good evening folks!


2 thoughts on “Just random things in my life

  1. Good luck with your garden. This rain should be good for it. By the way, the links that you have to my blog are wrong and I can’t find my way back to my home. Help!

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