Yeah that was a shameless (Garth Brooks sings in my head as I type) stunt I pulled yesterday, but I really was curious to know who reads this and I appreciate you guys stopping by. More crafty pictures should be arriving soon. I’ve become a bit lazy about it due to the fact that its a bit more difficult to load pictures on WordPress than it is on blogger. Major bummer and the only thing I would change but I’m thinking I may get a little ambitious here in a sec and run over to Mozilla and cheat on wordpress. Thank you KathiD for the comment on the new look. I liked the green really well but it cut off more than half of my title and then I found out if you don’t have a paid account, you can’t put in layouts from other sources and save them. What a stinker. Fortunately wordpress has some very nice free layouts and we all know free is good.

Here for your viewing pleasure ma cheries are some crafty pimpin pictures

This one is a mermaid made for me by my partner, Valorie, in the Mermaid Swap over at Bella Enchanted

It inspired me to make this little girl. She’s not topless, her shirt just blends in Really well.

And when I got done, I wanted to make more like her so for the first time in my life I made a pattern! I am thinking this may become some sort of swap.

Thats all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the show and I will be picking a name tomorrow from the comments on yesterday’s post to send something to so think about what you ladies might want.