I promised pictures and pictures I have! I have figured out a neat little trick to make picture uploading easier; use my blogger account and don’t publish the post. As difficult as this may sound, its still easier than trying to load my pictures to Flick’r and then blogging each one individually. This way I load them all, upload the new post from blogger and add my text here in WordPress.

My day today thus far has been very nice. We finished putting together the reunion cookbooks that we’ve been putting off and then I was given some wonderful items from a fellow freecycler. They will go towards fixing an old Irish style pub for Jarell in our basement. Plus she gave me some spiderplant starts which are a special favorite of mine because my gramma who died 7 years ago. When I was little she instilled in me the love of all growing things. She gave me numerous starts of african violets and spider plants which because I was 5 didn’t live too long but they always made me happy because I loved my gramma.


goodies from Mom-o-matic, etsy, and swap-bot


THE Necklace
An icicle doll for a swap

the purse I made
and a sideways pic of the purse
My haul from Jo-Anne’s


2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. You should be able to upload your photos directly into your WordPress blog, though, without going through flickr? You can’t do it straight from Picasa, but you should be able to import them into WordPress.

    Nice photos, anyway, however you did it!

    Back in the 70’s I took a spider plant start from my mother-in-law and it had babies that went everywhere, including to my mom and on from there. I haven’t had a spider plant in years, but I’ll bet the babies of those babies are still growing somewhere.

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