Early early *yawn*

So last night we were under a tornado watch for a while but Jarell and I didn’t know it until after the watch had ended. I had been playing games on my computer and when I went to bed Jarell mentioned that there was non-stop lightning up North-East of us and I decided to check the weather on my phone. When I got to weather.com it said we were under a tornado watch which worried me as I-70 is known for being a tornado magnet. Then the next page I went to said we were only under sever thunderstorm warning and I was by then concerned enough to get back out of my nice warm bed to check on the computer to see which one it really was. I was paranoid and you know how it is- if you check it will be fine but if you don’t bad things will happen that you will blame yourself for. We have 8 puppies and 3 adult dogs outside on a regular basis and there was no way they were staying out there if there was a tornado watch. So I boot up the laptop and I wait. And wait some more… and then Inotice that the stupid Windows update that has been plaguing me all week (I have dial up through t-mobile) is downloading again. So the Internet was at a crawl because Microsoft has made it more complicated to disable their updates in Vista than I have figured out yet. Finally at 12:30 I was able to find out through the National Weather Service that it was indeed only a TSW (thunderstorm watch) and therefore the dogs would be fine in their houses outside. I then stumbled on back to bed and went to sleep. Now for those of you who are night owls and I know there are several, I am/can be too. But the issues with the stomach crap have returned (this time finally identified as an almost life-long problem with IBS- yeehaw) in a lesser form after the homeopathic remedy I took. They have been making my nights very sleepless altho not quite as bad as when I went to Seattle last September and the hotel beds were too small for both Jarell and I. So sleep has been a much coveted commodity here lately. I have to let my homeopathist know that the junk is back so that we can edit the remedy which will be just tons of fun, but whatever it is, its doing some good, because I know what this was like the last time and its not as bad this time.

In other news, I’m searching for information about the age of some fabric. Namely the stuff I used to make that darling little purse from yesterday’s post. The fabric that I bought still on the roll is 35 inches wide and one end of the bolt has a picture of a couple from I’d say the 17 hundreds in a dance pose and it says Courtesy color fast. Does anyone know anything about this brand or how to tell how old the fabric is based on the width? It is 100% cotton according to the bolt, but aside from the color number, thats all the info it gives me. I’m just really curious because I’m guessing that this stuff must be at least from the 70’s and maybe even as old as the later 50’s due to the color choices and designs used. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. For now, I must away to feed the slobbering masses. Happy Memorial day folks.



2 thoughts on “Early early *yawn*

  1. The basic truth that I have learned is that Bill Gates is EVIL! I would switch to mac, but I couldn’t begin to afford it and there are some inherent designs that I just don’t like about the mac having been mostly a PC girl. My mom has one but when it finally filled up she braved the border and crossed over to the PC. Her one regret is that the awesome Epson all in one that she and her partner bought with the Mac doesn’t function with the PC. Go figure.

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