Just a quick note

Not too much to report today. Fighting the futher-mucking windows updates again to everything is going at less than half speed. I went to Hobby Lobby last night with my MIL and J11 and J14. While there my MIL was eyeing the overpriced premade scrapbooky looking frames and boxes looking for a wedding present for the neighbor’s daughter. I said, thats easy I could make you one of those no problem. So J11 and I went back through the store and I picked up items almost instinctively and just stacked them together without really paying attention to what I had. Somehow I knew it would work and when I get that feeling I don’t question it. You could call it your muse, or for me its a compulsion and I know not to argue. So I came home last night and sat down with the bag on the couch and in about half an hour I had this.


5 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. I get overwhelmed at the choices when I go to craft stores and then I start mentally going through my entire crafty collection to figure out what I have, what I need, what ribbon would go best, etc.

    Having money would solve a lot of these problems. I’d just buy whatever the hell I wanted then and wouldn’t mind accidentally buying duplicates of something. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I totally understand the not having money thing. I got to do that only because she was buying and so that made selection easier. Having only been married a year I was trying to remember what wedding themed stuff I had at home and then I just decided screw it! They can afford it. On top of it all, she offered to pay me for my time and I said she had paid for the materials and I had the extras which was enough for me. Crazy? Yeah but now I have a couple of people who may pass my name on to others less crafty than I.

  3. I usually give my stuff away too. Maybe that’s why I like swaps so much because I’m giving it away and getting something in return without really asking for it. My little Jace’s speech therapist wants me to crochet a baby blanket for her and she wants a price. She says don’t undercharge me. What’s undercharging, what’s overcharging?? I don’t know. So what do I say, “Just pay me for the yarn.” It’s so hard to charge people especially people that you know or that are family. I’d rather give it to them than state a price. You know what, come to think of it, when I was a kid and babysat for people I used to say, “just pay me what you think you should.” Usually it was what I expected (which was .50 an hour back in the day) but sometimes it would be far less and even though I was dissappointed I never would say anything. Why is that Melissa?? What drove us to this under estimatiing ourselves?? Oh well, I’m need to get back to finishing my swap stuff. Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!! Sherry

  4. I think in my family it comes from me watching my incredibly talented mother devalue herself. She is an amazing artist, musician and everything else, but she had some difficulties with school when she was groing up and it caused a lack of self-esteem with regards to her talents. This continued on and I saw it even tho no one ever told me I wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t necessary when I could tell myself.

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