Will work for craft supplies

Have any of you ever felt this way? Felt like setting up a stand on the side of the road with examples of your work and holding up a sign that says, “Will work for craft supplies” Thats me at times. I never have a clue, when someone asks me how much I charge for doing something, what to tell them. Its one of those self-esteem issues that have plagued me from childhood. “What, that? Thats not that big a deal, you can just have it. Its not very good anyway. Well if you really feel you should pay me, how bout you pay for the supplies and I get to keep whats left over. Sound good?” That was me making nifty macrame bracelets on my lunch break when I worked at Wal Mart. I felt the same when I worked on that project for my MIL. I just don’t feel capable of putting a value on something and making it stick if it is something made by or sold by me. Am I alone in this?

In other news I’m stuck in the basement today finishing up the garage sale that I started back in May. Better sales, less money because last time there was a stove to be sold. Gave away 2 of my sweet little baby puppies and two more are on their way out which made me almost cry. I wanted so bad to keep them because I love them all, but then I remembered that they won’t stay small forever. Heck they’re already bigger at 6 weeks than Pepper was at 8. But thats irrelevant. They’re so sweet!


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