Things I’m proud of and other nonsense

I thought to myself last night as my mind whirled in circles before falling asleep that maybe today I would take some pictures and show you some accomplishments that I am proud of. I’m not sure what prompted this as I have always been one to hide at the back of the group letting others be congratulated, but I think it has something to do with the fact that my family is so full of talented individuals who were raised in the RLDS church with the belief that to be proud of yourself was a sin. Despite the fact that over the years most of us have left that church with its narrow mindedness, we continue to carry that stigma about doing something well and admitting that we did. So I was thinking of things that I needed to work on last night, all the negative things that depress me because as a perfect person I should do better and I said to myself “Stop it! What about the things you do right? Don’t they count for something? Seriously!” I have spent years trying to break away from the tenets of my childhood that were wrong and stupid and yet here they are again staring me in the face with their beady self-riteous little eyes. So I decided to come up with a list of 6 things that I’m proud of and then limit myself to a list of 5 things that I need to work on. That seems humanly reasonable, right? To accomplish 5 new tasks is something I should be able to handle and all the rest of the crap can go to hell for all I care.

So here goes. Good news then the bad news.

1) I am a kick ass singer. I took a solo to competition all three years that I was in choir in High School and all three years I got a 1 rating (highest) at the district level and two years I got a 2 rating at the state level and my senior year I achieved a 1 rating at the state level. I inherited my love of music from my parents and both sing very very well. I went to All-State Choir which is a choir made up of 150 of the best singers around the state and it was an incredible experience.

2) I draw pretty darn well

3) I have accomplished a nice sized garden this year and things in it are growing! Not very big yet, but they will be in very short order as they are either squash or beans or lettuce.

4) My craft room is not a complete wreck. This is an ongoing maintenance but still its so much better than when I first got moved in there.

5) I am a very good cook. Don’t believe me? Well when I still lived at home and my dad made the meal decisions I weight 150 and was a size 8/10. Now I’m on my own and do all the cooking I’ve added about 50 pounds. Thats not something I’m proud of but I enjoy good food and I cook good food. There is no doubt in my mind that if I couldn’t cook worth a crap I would still be skinny so I guess thats a testimony in itself.

6) I’m proud of my Etsy store. Its got very little in it, but at least I put myself out there and tried, right? Right!

Now you may ask why 6? Well I was going to do 10 but couldn’t come up with that many.

The bad news:

1) I need to work on my housekeeping skills. I hate cleaning and there are often times where the dishes sit in the sink for several days in a row. I just take the ones off the top and wash them. I hate cleaning bathrooms too and am on strike when it comes to our guest bath because Jarell’s brothers all come down to our house for lunch and use our bathroom to remove all the nastiness from their bodies– inside and out. Yuck!

2) I need to exercise more often, eat less, eat more veggies, and in general actually lose some weight (instead of just “trying”)

3) I need to get more things made up to put in my Etsy shop because I can, I just don’t.

4) I need to spend more time outside with my dogs and this would probably work for the exercise category too.

5) I need to quit talking about all the things I need to do and just do them. No more excuses.

That said folks, I had best get cracking! Thank you all for your support and just reading between my lines once in a while. You’re awesome! Feel free to copy me and make sure to limit the things you’re not good at to less than the ones you’re proud of.


3 thoughts on “Things I’m proud of and other nonsense

  1. Good list. You made the bad list goals obtainable which is always a good idea. I always say things like, I’m going to move a mountain using only a spoon. Those things never work. Good luck with this.

  2. Toi- I feel with this list that I’m trying to just that- moving a mountain with a spoon. I’m really good at getting started on my resolutions, not so great at keeping up with them.

    Sherry- well maybe we should start some sort of innitiative and yell at each other when one of us drops by the wayside. 🙂 Like weight watchers but instead we’re bad habit watchers.

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