Can I see your S?

This may seem a strange title, but allow me to explain. I am over at my in-law’s house and my almost 3 y/o nephew is here. We’ve been painting this big project that I’m working on for our family reunion. Its a large copy of the painting American Gothic with the faces cut out so we can take pictures of people and we’re working on it while my nephew plays nearby. I had put some paint on a plate to paint and there were bubbles in the shape of an ‘S’. I pointed this out and said it stood for Snot. (our last name is Sisk) and then said “You thought I was going to say Sisk didn’t you?” Well we laugh and go back to our painting and then my nephew comes over and says, “Can I see your s?” BUT since he’s little and still has the cute little kid lisp it came out with a slightly southern twang and sounded more like….”Can I see you ass?” I had a mouth full of chocolate and I almost spewed everywhere as I asked him in astonishment, “What did you say?” I was laughing so hard. At this point he started laughing with me and we all joked about how he says things so cute and they sound so wrong. For example garbage comes out Die Bitch and I reprimanded him a couple times before we realized that we were mishearing. F’s come out s, th comes out as an F, and a k sounds are a t. God I love little kids!


2 thoughts on “Can I see your S?

  1. A little boy of my acquaintance many years ago decided it would be cute to call his daddy by his first name, except when he yelled “FRANK” it came out “F-CK” and of course, it was in a roomful of people.

  2. I mentioned that his k’s come out as t’s, yes? Well there are kittens or kitties at my inlaw’s house. He also asked me today, “Aunt Yissa, can we go see the titties?” I love little kids!!!

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