The nasty wasty buggies involved in gardening

Dirty stinking Tobacco hornworms!

EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Thats all I can really say with regards to this nasty creature. This is a photo from the internet as my camera’s battery is charging, but I’m sure you all get the idea. I learned today that this ugly mo fo is a Tobacco hornworm, not to be confused with tomato hornworms that have black horns instead. They are eating my tomatoes tho so I still have reason to despise them. I was out in the garden this morning checking up on my prized tomatoes when I noticed something odd about one of my tomato plants. It was missing the leaves off the ends of two stems. Hmm not good I thought. And then I saw this ginormous caterpillar the size of my middle finger and screamed a little bit. Then I went inside and grabbed a spray bottle full of soapy water and proceeded to douse my plants with it to deter the nasty buggers. I found one more after close inspection of all my plants and have them safely secured in a jar waiting to become fish bait later this evening. *insert evil laughter* Well they will be if I can get past the scream factor. I guess I wouldn’t care so much if the nasty little bugger hadn’t eaten half just half of the largest tomato I had growing. How rude! I mean if your gonna eat it, at least eat the whole damn thing so I don’t have to see it and mourn its waste and loss. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was gone if they’d eaten the whole thing. Ok I would have noticed because I practically have names for all the tomatoes as they are just coming on, but thats not the point. The point is, they made a mistake when they came into MY garden thinking they could eat MY tomatoes and now they will pay the ultimate price. Anybody know any good organic bug deterents that I can make at home? I found out about this stuff, but knowing it could be costly is a set back right now as we’re slightly broke. Hooray for this crappy economy! Anyway, thats my rant of the day. Hope you all have a happy 4th of July. Play it safe. Check out my other blog, Recipes from Helle for a couple of nice summery recipes.


5 thoughts on “The nasty wasty buggies involved in gardening

  1. I feel for ya. Joe and I planted a plum tree the year we were married. It has SIX of the sweetest plums every year. Yes. I said SIX… This year we were advised to cut off the “sucker” branches. These are branches that hover near the trunk and rub the other branches.

    We carefully cut them last month. Today………..TODAY………my tree died. With FIFTEEN plumbs on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIFTEEN!!!! She loved me!!

  2. The squirrels pick my tomatoes and then bring them up on my back deck. They take a couple of bites and then just leave them laying there. Those stupid bastard beasts. I hate them. Tomorrow morning I’m going right out the garden to check for those nast worms as I haven’t been back there in a couple of days.

  3. You are a better woman than me…I would’ve screamed like a baby and tried whacking it off with a broom or something. That is one nasty looking creature. We’ve been “lucky” so far…just deer, rabbits, and squirrels. They keep eating the foliage of the same tomato plant. A squirrel ate one of my brand new rose bushes. Argh. Good Luck.

  4. Dana- Let us take a moment of silence for the plum tree…………

    Toi- Sounds like you need to get a BB gun and do a stakeout. TheKathy only problem is city squirels are scary- they got skills

    Kathi- If this gets worse, I may need to borrow your chickens. All they can eat buggies in return for a short sojourn in the midwest.

    Wanda- I did scream. A lot. There was a lot of “Ewww ewww ewww shriek GROSS!” I actually didn’t pull the nasty things off, I just cut off the branches they were attached to since they’d already eaten the leaves. I’d have to get me a BB gun in your situation too.

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