How to make your own Craft Foam Stamps

I am hoping that these pictures combined with some basic instructions will give you an idea on how to do this. Its really a very simple project that can be adapted to many uses and its fairly inexpensive compared to buying rubber stamps.


  • 1 sheet of craft foam
  • glue (I use elmers, but as long as it will hold foam its fair game)
  • cardstock
  • pen
  • craft knife
  • scissors

So the first thing you want to do is decide what you want to make a stamp of. I started out wanting to stamp Spooky on a collage that I was making, so I carved the letters out of a small frame that I made with decorative scissors. This technique gave the border edges similar to a postage stamp. I carved the letters out from the inside and learned belatedly that I had run out of room. So that stamp only says Spook. It still looks pretty cool tho I think.

 Once you’ve decided on your picture, you can either free hand cut it, in which case the color of foam you use is irrelevant, or you can draw it on a light colored foam ahead of time which I recommend. That way you know for sure it will fit. If you want a word, saying or alphabet, don’t worry right now about making the letters backwards, just carve them out as you would write them. For my example, I will make two mushrooms from one carving.


  1. Draw picture on foam. Make sure that if you want an outline of the item that you draw double lines thick enough that the stamp won’t tear when used.( If doing stamp free hand, skip this step) Make sure that if you have stamp pads that the stamp will be small enough to ink it on the pad. These stamps can also be used with acrylic paints, but I would recommend a sturdier backing in that case.
  2. Cut out inside sections of the picture. Make sure to get the corners cut all the way through. If you are doing a mushroom like mine, set the center of the stem and the center of the cap aside.
  3. Cut around the outside of the design so that your stamp is completely free of the foam.
  4. Glue outline to cardstock or other backing material. For this stamp I used the plastic backing from some paper rub ons but for the other stamps shown I used plain cardstock. If you are doing writing, make sure that you glue the letters on backwards both in order and direction so that when stamped it will read correctly. If you are making a whole phrase, I recommend putting each word on a separate backing.
  5. If your are making this mushroom take the saved stem and cap and glue them on a separate piece of cardstock or whatever you’re using for the backing.
  6. Let the glue dry for a few minutes and you are ready to take these babies for a test drive.


2 thoughts on “How to make your own Craft Foam Stamps

  1. Melissa,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. It was really nice. I’m glad you did a tutorial…now I have something to go off of for Laura. 🙂 I love the shroom. I’d try it, but I’m not really allowed to use sharp objects in my crafting…I tend to hurt myself. 🙂


  2. My house is filled with mushrooms so those toadstools you did make my heart do flippy flops and thats the reason for a mushroom stamp. Its probably just the first of many as I feel the urge to make a whole forest of mushrooms soon. I wouldn’ t worry too much about the sharp objects– just pretend its like a steak knife or something :p

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