So this is what I’ve been working on the last couple of days. The pumpkin now has a jack o lantern face that it didn’t have for the picture. I sometimes get bored and hand applique things and this is one of those occasions. I’m thinking about making a second gravestone in order to use them as couch cushions, but for the time being, they’re just stuffies. I guess thats what you’d call them. I finished the quilt some time back, but haven’t taken pictures because its really rather an anticlimactic finish- I bound the top and bottom in the fabric that I used to back it with and rolled the sides under twice to hide the raw edges. Simple as that. I also attempted to make a stuffed coffin yesterday, but it turned out lopsided, so I guess I’m going to have to measure that one before I make one. Yeah I know somebody out there is saying, why didn’t you measure in the first place and my answer to that is, I rarely ever do. If you’ve been over to my other blog, I cook the same way as I sew– somewhat haphazardly but rarely with bad results.

In case you guys haven’t guessed I have Halloween on the brain. I love this time of the year altho it makes me a little sad too. I love how the end of the summer really comes with a bang here in the midwest. We might start the day with 90 degree weather and then all of a sudden, a huge storm comes up and bam its cold. It usually happens out of the blue in early September. I always loved that big storm when I was in high school, because it almost always meant we got out early. I’d get home at 1:00 in the afternoon and it would already be dark. The perfect excuse to get the wood stove (a biiiig @$$ Fisher) going with the first fire of the season and get comfy with a bowl of soup and a good book. This year I plan to make more cardboard gravestones and I’ll try to get a tutorial up for those. They’re easy peasy but time consuming.

This is a really typical post for me in that its all over the place, but thats okay. Its the season I swear. In garden news, I have two juicy delicious little yellow tomatoes residing in my fridge at this time– the product of my garden. I’m holding on to them hoping to get a few more by the end of the week for a yellow tomato pasta pomodoro. Yum! All the big tomatoes are slowly starting to turn at long last. Go figure that I’d end up with determinate varieties that tease you with big beautiful…. green tomatoes all summer. The yellow ones are my saving grace and the best part is they’re heirloom so I can save the seeds and they’ll be true again next year. Woo hoo! This part by the way is the sad part of this time of year– the part where my gardening is fast coming to an end till next February at least. By February I’m ready to start all the seeds inside in hopes of a big harvest. But next year I’m going to grow some early girls for faster satisfaction. Ooh and I experimented with growing some spicy banana peppers next to an heirloom cherry tomato in hopes of cross polination. Thats crazy you say? Well yeah, but a family friend did that once on accident and planted the seeds the next year only to find that he had spicy tomatoes. To me that sounds like a brilliant alternative to using jalapenos in homemade salsa and chili and such. So we’ll see how that turns out. A long term experiment for sure.

Well this thing is LOOOONNNNNG so I’m going to sign off for now. I’m going to put up a recipe for bruschetta over on the other blog for those of you lucky enough to have ripe tomatoes bigger than a pingpong ball so check it out.


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  1. I came home to find that the bastard beasts had pulled my green tomatoes off the vine in the backyard brought them to the front yard taken a few bites of them and left them on the sidewalk. I’m telling you I’m going to take them down. I have been watching those tomatoes like a hawk for the first sign of red and now they’re gone.

  2. Oh thats such a bummer!! I’m still holding my breath about mine. If I get lots maybe we can figure out some sort of tomato share outreach program. And hey, I have a bunch of new baby ones coming on, so maybe you’ll get some more. We still have all of August to contend with. I would however put out a search warrant for the nasty little tomato thieves and maybe invest in some sort of fire power. Paintball guns can be especially rewarding. :p

  3. I’m still concerned about your microwave. They’re electric, right? Yours isn’t battery powered is it? Post something letting us know if it stopped. When anything ever goes wrong at my house, it’s ALWAYS water related.

  4. Everything’s alright with the microwave. It quit leaking and has gone back to being its normal crazy self.

  5. We are wishing for some rain here! It’s nothing but 106 degree temps this week. I’m sorry to hear about your water issues. That is the worst and water has messed up more things in my house than I can begin to mention. Good luck!

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