My little gun

I was browsing around the web today when I came across this blog and I was grinning my way through her pages when all of a sudden I burst out laughing out loud. And then I yelled, “Thats my gun!” You see at the top of her second or third page is a post that starts with a picture of a pink rifle and if you look close you can see the special equipment added to a children’s gun that makes it safer for their use. Now I am no novice shooter- I’ve actually been shooting some sort of guns (mostly BB) since I was 5 years old. My daddy taught me how to shoot when I was fairly young and there is nothing wrong with that despite what some people out there might imply. I firmly uphold the second ammendment that guarantees my right to arm bears err yeah. I am proud of my country and my ability to defend myself and my home if necessary. And a word to all the would be burglars out there- you don’t want to cross a woman who’s pissed off and has a gun.

Anywho back to my gun(s).

My gun

My gun

The one in question is a children’s .22 made by Cricket and is equipped with certain special features to make it safer for a kid to use. It has a built in lock so that parents can lock it when they’re not there to supervise, is a single shot, and requires you to pull back on a special pin after loading it in order to cock it. It is the favored gun around this house by all the guys. Why? I dunno cuz its pink? I enjoy shooting it, but prefer my .22 magnum that Jarell bought me because its got a mag(azine) so that I don’t have to put a bullet in for each shot I take. Sadly the ammo is much more expensive for this gun so I have only shot it on one occasion in the 2 years that I’ve owned it.

This is not a household lacking in firearms so I have also shot my husband’s .357 magnum (think cowboy guns), his police issue Berretta 96, and my dad’s double barrel shotgun (oooffff!) This is another part of my life that I don’t mention as often because I just take it for granted, but there it is in black (and pink) and white. What is something you love that may seem odd to the average woman?


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