Here it is

Part 1
and part 2 done by the awesome Dana
This is my ultimate masterpiece. It may not look like much but that took me a long stinkin time to get just right. Actually I mean to make it look like it was all sitting on a table, but the fabric looking brush wasn’t cooperating.

Its been a combo day for me. Good in the deals department. We happened to stop at a neighbor’s garage sale and I got 12 books, 7 old LP’s, and 3 cute little tins for $2. The bad part was where I accidentally swallowed an apple seed yesterday afternoon and its stuck in my throat just in the wrong spot. It kept me up most of the night and just when I had finally passed out (or so it felt like) my MIL was knocking on our bathroom window because she had asked to be dropped off without our knowledge so she could “borrow” Jarell’s truck. Technically its his dad’s truck, but they have 3 other vehicles that she could have used but wanted this one because it was the most convenient. WTF? So Jarell said he’d take her home and I decided to go along because I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep. Then I saw the clock. 7:45. Seriously? Cuz thats just not right on any given weekend morning, but especially not on a morning when I haven’t slept. I got some nice pictures of the puppies that are at their house tho and of course there was the garage sale.

So does anyone have suggestions for getting rid of the apple seed? Its not obstructing breathing or anything, its just very uncomfortable. And yes- I do feel like a retard thank you very much. And yes I did google it, but the answers were…. less than helpful because they really weren’t on topic if you know what I mean. Try looking up apple seed stuck in my throat and see what you get. LOL!

Anywho, I’m off to get ready for my nieces’ birthday party. I feel bad for my sister in law- 2 out of her three kids have birthdays this month and they’re only a day apart! Not in age tho thank goodness. Plus its my MIL’s birthday today so its a multi person party. There’s gonna be hayrides and hotdogs so I’m all over that.


3 thoughts on “Here it is

  1. Hey!! I’ve got electricity and the kids are gone, gone, gone, so I’ve got a little something for you at my blog. I’m writing it up right now so it might not be online just yet. THEN I have to get back over here and read everything you’ve been writing about!! wow!!

  2. Is the seed still there? I imagine that it has caused an irritation that feels like it’s still there. I choke a lot. A LOT! And it happens with just a crumb from a cracker or a drop of water.

    I ate a piece of bread once to get a fish bone down my throat. It felt like it was still there for several days.

    Which photo programs do you use? Avoid the brushes and go for “airbrush” if you have it or a “dodge and burn” brush. Adjust the shadow color down, and graze under the objects so they are “grounded” on a surface.

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