Things that rattle around in my brain

I’m sitting here in the AM waiting for the weekend to begin. I look forward all week to the weekend even tho I no longer work or go to school. Why? Because my husband works and the weekends are our chance to spend some time together. Today we’ll start the weekend off right with a trip to his Mecca, Cabela’s. For those of you who don’t know what that is (and how could you not??) Cabela’s is an out door sporting goods store. It supplies all the local rednecks with guns, ammo, fishing gear, camping supplies and ever so much more in a massive facility that is just beautiful to behold. Probably my second favorite store like that to visit with my favorite still being the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield MO. So Jarell is ectstatic about this trip today. Its about a 45 minute drive up there but its worth it. He gets all giddy and excited the closer we get because his first love is guns. (What you thought it was me? Nah I come in a close second but thats alright) He and J12 are making this trip so that they can outfit a new .22 that is technically J12’s. I said technically but Jarell is very possessive of it which I get a kick out of. He bought a scope for it (not the mouthwash) and a new stock (that wooden handle part) and he’s been drooling over it ever since. Silly man!

After our trip to Mecca (which is in the West instead of the East oddly enough) we have tomorrow filled to the brim. Jarell’s friend will be coming over to hang out and do manly things, then we have a barbecue for one of Jarell’s coworkers (Funny to be saying that- its a family business but there is one employee who is an old family friend so he is a coworker instead of a Sisk) and then tomorrow evening theres another barbecue and hayride at his brother’s house again. Same time same place as last week’s birthday party. And then Sunday? Nothing. Except maybe preparations for Jarell to finally go to Oregon because that trip has been postponed by a couple weeks already.

So I’m excited about our upcoming activities. It beats sitting around here staring at the wall. Yesterday I was desperate enough to clean our hall bathroom. You know the one I swear I won’t clean because I don’t mess it up? Yeah that one. I took bleach to the toilet and tub and sink for that matter and emptied the drawers and medicine cabinet of all the junk left behind by The Princess aka J5 keeping only that which was still useful to the kids. I decided yesterday that I’m going to make that bathroom theirs in reality as it already is in all but name. I will expect them to maintain it, but they will also have all the things there that they need like toothbrushes, their own towels, shampoo, deodorant etc. It seems fair that they have these things here permanently since they are here more often than not.

Speaking of the kids, that post finished yesterday, I was sitting here finishing up a game of Solitaire when J12 came in for a minute. He had made dinner for everyone the night before (in the form of Ramen Noodles, but he’s 15 so its quite an accomplishment) and I had the pan soaking in the sink so I could wash it. My rule is if someone else cooks, they don’t have to clean up afterwards. Seems perfectly fair and I had planned to act on it myself. Well he walks into the kitchen to get a drink real quick, sees the pan in the sink, washes it, and heads back on out to work. And as I sat there observing that my repeated requests to clean up after yourself after you’re done eating had finally sunk in, I realized that the best thing for me to remember with this kids is that I need to be thankful for them instead of irritated with them. I stopped to pray right then for the patience to do that because its a lesson that is very important. I have a new sheet of reminders for them the next time they’re here so that my sanity will remain intact, but I am thankful that they are such wonderful kids and I need to remember to show them that as well.

Sorry this is such a newsy letter from your mother post today, but I’ll have something more interesting to discuss tomorrow I hope.

Take care


3 thoughts on “Things that rattle around in my brain

  1. That’s exactly what I meant by “not resenting them”. You make the “requirements”, and expect them to “try”. Not necessarily succeed as long as they TRY. And let the resentment fade.

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