Potentially newsworthy but probably not

Ever have one of those weeks where the biggest happening is your visit to the dollar store? Yeah well that was my week and for the most part that is my life. That is not a complaint because I am very happy with the every day happenings in my life- I like things to be calm and reasonable and steady and safe. These are good things. It just makes for a boring blog. I prefer not to bore you with my hours of Spyro the Dragon domination (yes I’m a bit of a video game geek) or my hours spent perusing the internet for that perfect project. My dogs and their antics are rarely amusing altho Tinkerbell is soooo cute when she grabs my hand with her paw whenever I try to stop petting her. Can you tell she’s the favorite? The bits and pieces of my life are very simple and sedate and therefore not necessarily tales worth telling to the general public.

I can tell you that this week I have gotten more objects (of food thank you very much!) stuck in my throat than I care to count. This evening when it was a chocolate chip (that is still a bit lodged) J11 looked at me like I might be a bit slow and asked about my swallowing abilities. I felt like an idiot believe you me, but I know this whole thing is not my fault. A lot of it has to do with the fact that my throat is swollen up from this lovely cold that the young ones shared with me. It feels like someone let a cat loose in my esophagus and that particular cat had a scratching post fetish. The rest of it is because of the pouches in the muscle wall of said esophagus. Apparently my ass ran out of fat retention pockets so now my throat is installing built in storage.

In other news I have begun the final countdown for Halloween. We’re planning a big party this year and I’m all about the decorating. My current project searches I will share when I’m not feeling so lazy about doing the link and photo thing. Currently in the works are such wonders as the creepy growing starfish in a jar, Jack Skellington’s head (maybe), A fortune teller’s tent (in our tent from this year’s camping trip), skeletal hands made from Crayola model magic clay, and maybe even a costume if I have enough time.

Finally the truly newsworthy. Well maybe just to me, but eh we’ve had the talk about whose blog this is, right? So I didn’t marry my husband for his looks and the sex- those were like super bonuses on this pleasure cruise that is my life. (As an aside because I know you can’t hear me, I am not being sarcastic here- I love my husband and my life and I’m not afraid to brag about it) Well he is especially wonderful when I’m sick like I am right now. So the other night (and here comes a bit of an over share) we were in the mood if you know what I mean and he’s kissing nuzzling my neck when all of a sudden out of the blue he asks, “Hey would you like a massage?” And in my head I’m going, “Dearest is water wet?” But since my voice is almost gone from this nasty cold I merely sighed a wheezy yes. Well he snags this massage oil that I bought at a craft fair once apricot oil in some delicious scent called fruit salsa and OH MY GODDDDDD I turned into a large slightly feverish puddle of me. Sorry about the bragging for those of you not fortunate to have your own love god(dess) but this is the interesting parts of my life. That and our evening watching the sunset yesterday in the back of his sexy ’79 Blazer aka the Ultimate Redneck Mobile.

Picture this- a field of blowing grasses bordered by trees on three sides. If you zone out enough the sounds of the nearby highway could be a babbling brook (okay maybe if you had enough hallucinagenics) and the sun sets in a ball of fire. We chat happily about this and that, snuggling together because there is a brisk breeze and the cap is off the back of the Blazer. He tells me he loves me and calls me a brat. I tell him I love him and call him a butt head. We have a very special relationship- very romantic. LOL. In all reality tho, he makes me happier than any one else ever has. Yes I know- make myself happy and I can, but Jarell makes me happy too. He’s a wonderful man and the perfect fit for me.

So a simple life, but a very good life.


4 thoughts on “Potentially newsworthy but probably not

  1. In my prior life, I used to read magazines that talked like you did in your post today and I’d think “Yeah. Right, like THAT happens” . And in my prior life I would never have believed your post, or at best, I’d be SO jealous.

    But in my present life, I know these things exist. I know the magazines aren’t making things up, and I have so much love given to me on a minute by minute basis that I can honestly say that I am happy for you!!

  2. Thank you Dana- I can guess from your blog that you have that kind of life now too and I’m glad. I honestly wish this type of happiness on everyone out there.

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