Some people!

So I am usually a very nice laid back individual. I am patient to the Nth degree because I know that everyone has their problems. I worked in retail too so that adds to my ability to hold my tongue no matter what. No, that evil customer is not right, but sometimes its easier to just get them the hell out of your hair by agreeing with them. (unless they’re obviously driving drunk and then you call the cops) Honestly tho I had these traits even before I worked retail because I had a parent figure in my life who I could not argue with period no matter that I WAS right and even the other half of that unit admitted that I was and shouldn’t be in trouble because I didn’t do a goddamned thing wrong (resentful much?)

But there are times when enough is enough and today’s story, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Wal Mart, is one of those stories.

I was a Walmart Drone for close to 3 years in varying positions from cashier to service desk to layaway to Customer Service Manager. I worked the Garden Center and made keys, worked in the grocery department and cut fabric. I wanted to learn it all because I could not stand spending an 8 hour shift on a register going “Hi, How are you, Have a nice freaking day” I still have many friends in the store where I worked here in Missouri and when I go in there we chat. Well I stopped in there today to cash a check because I had missed the bank before it closed and I needed to buy dog food. I got in line to buy a couple of little paper mache skulls for my Halloween costume and was waiting there while the woman in front of me wrote her check. The cashier (who happens to be the mother of my former assistant manager when I worked at Dollar General) was trying to explain to this well dressed woman that Wal Mart registers won’t take checks that are written for more than $20 over the ammount. Its not possible. Not only that, but her writing it for that amount will not magicly make the cash register change its mind and since the checks are returned to the customer it doesn’t matter if she even fills the darn thing out. There is an override that will let a supervisor do it and also get them in serious trouble with the accounting office when they find out but we weren’t telling this lady that because they never do that for customers. Period. I have only once even seen them do it for an employee, and it was an emergency situation for her. Well Delores, the cashier, runs the check through for the allowed $20 over and gets ready to hand the woman her change when the woman starts getting really mean. She says, “I told you I want it for $100 over not just $20!” to which Delores replies, “The machine won’t let us do that. All it will do is $20 over.” The woman demands to see a supervisor and so Delores goes and gets the CSM who happened to be one that I helped train when I worked there. She came over and politely asked the woman if she could help her. The woman went into her tirade about how it wasn’t fair that if she’d had a debit card she could get the hundred but because she wrote a check she could only get 20. Now I know that all of us watching agreed with her because it doesn’t seem fair, but its a matter of if a check gets stolen, the bank only covers so much and they cover more with a debit card.

At this point I smiled at the CSM and said how much I missed this kind of stuff. And then I said, “But you know what? If I were still an employee here I couldn’t say how much of a bitch some people can be and that would just be a shame!” The woman turned around and said, “Yeah I bet you miss it here. Wal Mart’s trying to take over the world! I hate shopping here!” to which I replied, “Fortunately you do have a choice not to come in here and harass these people. Go shop somewhere else and waste your gas and time and money.” At this point she stormed off.

Customers around us were watching and smiling at the spectacle because the woman had been making a real ass of herself. Delores looked at me and quietly said “Thank you for saying that because I couldn’t have.” and I felt much better. I was shaking from the confrontation but having had too many customers like that myself, I didn’t want to let that attitude of superiority that she slapped us with go unchallenged. And then when she left I thought of a really good comeback and wished I had thought to say. “Of course they’re taking over the world! And you’re helping them with every conspiracy and guilt laden purchase you make at this store!” I mean seriously, if I hated a store that much, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend close to 2 hundred bucks there and yet she had even before the hundred she was trying to get back.

When I left the parking lot, I saw her drive a way in her giant SUV. I’m sure considering that she was on the older side that she was probably fuming about that punk ass kid who called her a bitch in Wal Mart because she looked pissed. I on the other hand enjoyed the sweet sweet revenge and the adrenaline rush. So just remember folks, just because that poor cashier behind the counter can’t say a word doesn’t mean you or someone else can’t. And if you’re going to yell at someone over store policy, seriously??? Don’t yell at the cashier because I guaran-damn-tee that they are at the bottom of the totem pole and all you’ll do is ruin their day.


3 thoughts on “Some people!

  1. I was reading my tags thing from wordpress, and one of your entries was on it. I found your walmart tag, and as a former cashier at walmart and a door greeter now (well when I can go back Wednesday anyway) I just had to read it and see what you had to say.
    I really wish there were more customers like you in our store, though at least we get them sometimes. When I’m off the clock (like now that I’m on LOA) there are times I’m REALLY tempted to do the same thing you did to that woman.
    And especially thank you for that last paragraph.

    • You’re very welcome. Wal Mart is a tough place to work and a lot of people take it for granted that in order to work there you must be stupid. They then treat you as they assume you deserve to be treated and it makes me very angry. I enjoy the chance to knock the snotty ones down a peg or 3 when I can.

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