Photos from this weekend (Image HEAVY!)

These pictures are of course all clickable and to really see the detail you’ll need to do just that. I appologise in advance but the internet hates me so this was the best I could do.

In order left to right, top to bottom

My baby brother Clifford in all his finery, My darling dearest in one of his many costume incarnations, J11 putting the finishing touches on J13 for his Pyramid head costume, J11 and my MIL as Mrs. Doubtfire, Jarell again in another incarnation of the costume and his mom, J9 as the redneck Spartan (complete with Uncrustables box helmet :), J13 posing in the basement in full regalia, Me in my not Tia Dalma costume, and again me, J13’s back with fake scars and cuts, J’s 9,11,13, and 14, J11 in her costume- how cool are her eyes here, T-bucket in his not costume, A couple of closeups of my make-up – I was feeling bloodthirsty, J14’s full costume- aren’t she and her sister beautiful dolls?, J12- the other twin LOL and yet he’s not the one witht the nickname of Bubba, and the last three (sorry Dana!) are of our pumpkin display and haunted house candle holder.

Photos courtesy of myself, Jarell, and the rest of the J’s.

*oh and J11 went for the Jigsaw from the movie Saw look while J14 was leaning towards the look of a female Joker a la Heath Ledger.


4 thoughts on “Photos from this weekend (Image HEAVY!)

  1. Tell me you weren’t going to church….right? It WAS for halloween. right? Oh crap! But I can tell that there was fun to be had. I remember having fun once or twice in my life………I THINK it was my life. Maybe it was yours………..*sniff*

  2. Of course we weren’t going to church…… *grin* It was actually a combination Halloween and birthday party. And lots of fun of course. If I had to guess from reading your blog, I’d say you’re still having fun and I’m pretty sure it was in your life not mine. LOL!

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