Our romantic weekend

A while back I mentioned that we were taking a romantic weekend to enjoy ourselves somewhere other than home and we did in fact go. I have been meaning rub it in tell you about it ever since but never quite got around to it. So today as I sit here surrounded by the sounds of silence- my fish tank in the other room, the freeway in front of our property, and the ever present humming of appliances- I will share with you a few pictures and a bit about the gorgeous hotel where we stayed.

Chateau Avalon is a lovely hotel located near the Kansas City International Speedway. Amazingly the walls were thick enough to drown out the sound of the cars racing around the track even tho our window looked out over said track.

View from our window

View from our window

This view was not however what we saw when we first walked through the door. Instead we saw this.

102_2334copyand this…

102_2335copyFinally after some deliberation and warnings to my husband not to “break anything” we found this 102_2338copyand were quite pleased with our deductive skills.

We walked through the door/book case to find this


 As you can see I kicked my shoes off even before taking pictures. I also had one of the towels unwrapped in preparation for taking a bath in that big beautiful tub. It was some sort of fancy shmancy chromatherapy tub which is basically colored light therapy (how weird yes?) but all we cared about was that it was big enough for two and it had jacuzzi jets. Yeah that was nice. Obviously tubs that big come in handy for romantic getaways and now we have vowed to replace our space hogging jacuzzi tub for half a person (it came witht the house) with one of these babies.

We went to dinner at a Cajun restaurant nearby and fell in love with their crabcakes. Then we returned to watch a movie and eat a lovely dessert- white chocolate blondie outside in front of the fountain.



2 thoughts on “Our romantic weekend

  1. I drive by that place all of the time on my way to NFM. And that restaraunt you ate at is one of my favorites, but the one down by the med center is better, it’s the original.

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