Happy Holiday Crafting

I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one out there crazy enough to be making a bunch of my gifts and/or ornaments this year due to lack of funds or disdain for what is commercially available so I thought today I might share a few places where I’ve found some wonderful inspiration.

Saidos da Concha has a cute tutorial on making felt ornaments that gave me some ideas. This is a bilingual blog, but she has instructions in English.

Craftbits has a bunch of stuff, but I like a couple of their Christmas card ideas. Here and here.

Francine Clouden has a bunch of different goodies a wreath, several tags, a bird ornament and these felt ornaments.

I also found a bunch of goodies on flickr  just by searching Christmas ornaments handmade.

 A couple of my favorites were this one, this one, and all the cuties here. The last one being the inspiration for my tree ornament in my post the other day.

I know not all of you are as nutty as I am, but in case you feel the urge, this should give you some inspiration.

A couple of other places you might like are One Pretty Thing and The Crafty Princess Diaries because they have lists of goodies. But they can be a bit addictive so consider yourself forewarned.

Now I’m off to work on my next gift project- picture ornaments. Can someone out there come and knock me upside the head and maybe take away the iron on transfer paper before I go completely nuts?


3 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Crafting

  1. I have all of these great ideas in my head but, I lack the motivation to get them done. I keep thinking I’ll do it tomorrow or next weekend or the day after than. It’s the 11th and I have nothing done! Ack!

  2. TOI, you’re preaching to the choir. I get most of my ideas for Christmas around January 3rd.

    Missy, I got a card today and posted it on my blog. Your card, and my card, passed each other going in and coming out of our mailbox. I wonder if they recognized each other?

  3. I am usually the one lacking motivation, but for once this year I’m all over the whole ornament holiday thing. I think it has to do with our being broke this year a little bit- at least for the extras like Christmas gifts. We have such a huge batch of immediate family that we had to do something simple. I’m making picture ornaments (semi tutorial forthcoming) for anyone who has kids or grandkids- lots of blanket stitching, but a good excuse to watch lots of movies. I’m also making purses- already have 4 of em done and I’m starting to hate purses.

    Dana, so glad the card made it okay. Heck- they were probably hiding out in a post office somewhere together.

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