11-30-08-250copyWe had our dogs spayed back in November and kept them inside to make sure they healed right and all that good stuff. Aparently tho despite there being no evidence of it, my dog Pepper healed up externally but not internally because she split her sutures that had healed and dissappeared this morning. I was awake in our back bedroom on the computer when Jarell came up the stairs calling my name over and over and I ran out. He told me I needed to rush Pepper to the vet because her stomach was split open and she was bleeding all over the place and he didn’t think she was going to make it. I was strangely calm as I rushed into jeans and scooped up my purse and a ponytail to tame my bed head. I dropped Jarell off at his shop and J14 rode in the back with Pepper. I was still fairly calm but the spedomator said 68 or so in a 45 mph zone. We got the vet and they got her in and weighed and told me they’d get her sedated, cleaned up and sewed back up. I meanwhile was baffled and thankful and so very tired. I for the life of me cannot figure out how I missed that. The spot where the sutures were done had been completely healed up and there was no redness, no extreme heat that I could notice. Dogs naturally run warmer than humans so I would have had a hard time telling if she was too warm and I feel terrible. And she could run and go with the best of the other dogs- she’s got more energy than the other 4 put together. The only signs I saw that she might be in pain at any time were even somewhat deceiving. Since the day I brought her home she has been a bit of a baby about being picked up and she learned at a very early age that if she cried and carried on Mommy wouldn’t get mad when she did all the things that dogs aren’t supposed to do. So when I would scoot her across the floor because she refused to get out of the house (they’re strictly outdoor dogs) or grab the scruff of her neck to keep her from eating all the dog food instead of letting the other dogs eat and she’d yelp I assumed it was her Doggy Drama Queen act but now I’m not so sure. I’m sure she’ll be alright, but I’m worried and I feel guilty as always when an animal that counts on me to take care of them is injured. I think of all the mistakes I’ve made and feel like a terrible person especially when she was licking me while I was standing in the exam room with her as if she was comforting me. This dog is the worst behaved of all our dogs- she taught the others to dig under the fence and then to go over it, she hogs all the food and whether I put out 1 cup or 1 gallon she will try her damnedest to eat it all on her own while growling at the others to scare them off. She is also the only one who has learned to sit and shake. She looks at you with those big hound eyes of hers and tells you you’re and idiot and of course she’s the queen. Aaaaahhhh! Can’t wait to see the vet’s bill….


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  1. Damn dogs! How do they get so deep into our hearts? They get in there deeper than humans can. You are not a bad fur mommy. The love you have for those dogs jump off my computer screen. It could have happened to any of us. I hope that Pepper is back to her old trouble making self soon. And don’t beat yourself over this. She still loves you and thinks that she is smarter than you!

  2. If only ALL dogs were as loved. If only dogs that are mistreated would RUN RUN RUN away, but the love they have for their “masters” (I hate that word) runs a lot deeper than they are ever given credit for.

    To the right person, a dog IS in their heart and part of their soul.

    I hope she will be healed this time. My Lucky, as old and arthritic as he is, still gets all wiggly and happy JUST BY SEEING ME SMILE AT HIM.

    I know of NO child that does that.

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