Hip Hip Hooray!

I spent a very rewarding day yesterday at the home of my sister and brother in law. It was my SIL’s second 30th birthday and she didn’t have any plans in particular except to clean. Now knowing how my birthday went off a couple of weeks ago I obviously could not let that slide so I texted her seeing if she wanted to hang out and get some lunch. She said sure and I was vague about the time or place because I had a plan.

This plan materialized just about the time I started to get on the internet yesterday morning so if I missed your blog yesterday I tried to make up for it today by fighting the evil comment monsters to do you true justice. 😉

So I’m sitting here and I think to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be nice to take S out to lunch? Ah bugger we don’t have much cash left and I still have to finish (and start) her birthday present. Well lets call G and see what she says. Maybe we could take lunch to her.” So I called up my MIL, G, and we talked it over and I learned that Olive Garden was a favorite stomping ground and their Chicken Parmesan was a big deal for S as thats the only thing she ever orders when she’s there. I dug out a cook book and called my husband to check on cash flow and then my MIL and I headed to the store to get our supplies. I got all the stuff for Chicken parmesan with a side of fettucine alfredo and a caesar salad at the big blue W store and headed home to prepare. I also tossed in fancy plastic martini glasses (they were out of the champagne flutes) some balloons, a tiara, and a blinking magic wand for the queen of the day. My MIL got a bottle of sparkling grape juice as there would be minors there (and we don’t drink to be honest) and we were set. My SIL was none the wiser. J14 and I cooked up a storm while my MIL hurried home to drop off her groceries and then we were ready to surprise my SIL.

When my MIL got back she was carrying what looked like a black trash bag or shiny garment bag and I assumed that she wanted to dress up since my SIL is the trendiest gal I know. I went for my comfy jeans and a halloween t-shirt because I look like a roly-poly no matter what I wear and I certainly can’t compete with my size 4 SIL. My MIL came out of my house after changing and J14 and I started laughing as she explained her outfit. What I had thought was a trash bag was actually a shiny black vinyl trench coat that she and my SIL both got at a ridiculously low price of like 5 bucks on sale somewhere and she told us a story about my SIL coming over in her trench with a very short dress under it. When asked what she was wearing under said coat she replied nonchalantly, “Nothing.” and that has been the joke ever since so my MIL put on a very short sequined mini dress and buttoned up her coat.

When we got to S’s house my 4 y/o niece answered the door and I remembered that all the kids would be home for MLK day so things really couldn’t have been better for a girls day in. S was so surprised and so happy and we had a blast. Even my almost 2 y/o niece toasted with her sippy cup when I said, “To S and 30 and holding!” Sadly I forgot my camera, but we had a blast eating and chatting. My nieces were ecstatic to have J14 (the youngest and therefore favorite aunt) and my SIL and I got to talk. She gave me my birthday present that she’d had in her car trying not to forget it and I had a lot of fun with it as well- a digital photo keychain that holds 60 pictures.

Oh one more thing. I made a card for my SIL and it was completely gIMPed out. I edited this picture of my niece100_0893

and added the far left dress in this picture


the boa heredsc02888

this tiara


And last but not least these sunglasseseyewear-oversize-sunglasses-45063-4587_zoom

and came up with this100_0893copy

Oh and for those of you who don’t know, gIMP is the poor man’s totally awesome PhotoShop and I love it. Its what I used to make those tombstone pictures a while back and I often use it for photo editing when I go on those benders where I have to digitize everything.


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