I used to visit here daily to see how many views I had. I would chat and share my life with you all, but of late I’ve become lazy. Or busy depending on how you look at it. My mom flew in on Saturday and we’ve been having fun just hanging out, planning meals and expeditions. Its been 5 years since she’s been in Missouri and much longer than that even, since she was here for any sort of extended period of time. She just completed her move to Washington and as she is temporarily (by choice) unemployed she was able to come out here to spend some time with my brother and I as well as her other family that lives here in the “Promised Land” (according to the RLDS and COC churches).

We got to spend a very special day on Sunday with my cousins and aunt for my aunt’s 66th birthday. She is the one who has cancer and (hooray!!!) she’s now in remission and sporting a very lovely and flattering new wig. I’m so happy for her to have come this far. My cousins’ daughters and son were a joy to spend some time with and at the ages of 19, 17, 12, 11, 7, 6, and 5 they are varied but I had a blast getting to know them. The 11 year old (going on 20) was fascinated with my camera and took dozens of pictures that I will try to share at a future date- she has a wonderful eye for beautiful composition. Her bubbly and effervescent personality overwhelm me and shame me because she has what appear to be similar stomach problems to mine and instead of being sad and mopey about them (not that there’s anything wrong with that) she mentions them in an offhand fashion and then goes back to having fun.  The 7 year old is like a little china doll- so tiny you’re sure she’s going to break but with a huge enthusiasm for life. I was amazed with her running commentary that was so sweet and also very intelligent for one so young.

My cousins who were more like aunts to me when I was little (being only 8 and 10 years my mom’s juniors) were fun to get to know again on an adult’s footing. One loves gardening as much as I do and she and I and my other cousin’s husband talked extensively about our future garden plans for this year. I had to laugh from time to time tho at the glazed looks on my other cousin’s, my mom’s, and my aunt’s faces as they did not inherit the love of green and growing things and I learned that once you get a bunch of gardeners going theres no stopping them. *grins*

I will try and come back with more soon and I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring that is slowly creeping across the land as winter finally retreats with its tail between its legs.


One More Day

Well today’s the last day before my mom gets here so if I’m MIA for awhile, thats the reason why. I’ll be spasticly cleaning for a few more hours before I decide that I’ve done enough for now. I mean- its my mom and she’s known me since the day I was born and known too that I’m anything but a neat freak. Even so I feel the need to get rid of the dust bunnies the size of small dogs and clean the shower and such. So if I don’t make comments, I’m not gone, just busy.