I’m not dead

Ah ha! I didn’t fall off the face of the earth! I know you guys must have been thinking that and probably with good cause, but I’m still here. There just hasn’t been much to report. Its been raining like a son of a gun here and I made the mistake of planting some of my pepper plants out in the garden only to have torrential rains flood the bed where I planted them. The jury’s still out on whether or not they’ll survive.

I rescued a litter of baby possums who had been orphaned by my dogs. They will now have the opportunity to grow up in a sheltered safe environment at a nature preserve before they head out into the city to wreak havoc on someones garbage cans. It was my good deed for the month you know.

I finally got into the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes book (checked it out from the local library) and I am hooked. In fact I just took a loaf out of the oven and I’m fighting off the urge to tear into it before it has cooled properly. If my darling dearest gets here soon for lunch all bets are off because there really is nothing better than wonderful bread fresh from the oven slathered in a nice coat of butter. Yumm! And the fact that it couldn’t be easier is another good reason to keep this up.

I have been reading like crazy since the weathers been crap. Its kinda nice to hang out with my mom just reading quietly together. Reminds me of days gone by.

Since this is so boring, I’ll keep it short, but I just figured it was about time I resurfaced for a few minutes.