I am a talented individual (or why I shouldn’t be allowed to us a weedeater)

07-02-09_1306So today I was weedeating our front yard. Trying to do my part to maintain the house and specifically my garden which is a pain for my husband to mow around. I was doing great. And then I started working around the trellis that my brother and I built. All of a sudden my weedeater stopped short with a sickening jolt and as I looked down I saw that it had tried to tangle with the chicken wire and lost. (or is it won? It did get tangled after all) So I sheepishly called Jarell and said something along the lines of I got the weedeater stuck on the chicken wire. I have to give him credit- he didn’t laugh or get mad he just told me where to find some wire cutters if I needed them. I asked him if this had ever happened to him and he said it happened all the time. I felt better until he clarified that when it happened to him it was just tall weeds and never fencing. Oh well, thats life. It did give me something to talk about at least and as you can see I took advantage of my cell phone’s camera to bring you the picture.

I decided to sign up for Nablopomo and soon I’ll find a little linky widgety thing for my blog. I figure if I want readers I should at least have something for them to read, right? Right. So be prepared to have lots of ….. fascinating reading this month. The theme is heroes if I choose to follow it. Today my husband is my hero for saving me from the evil chicken wire. Wait a second, I did that all by myself! Well he’s still my hero anyway!

Ta for now folks!


2 thoughts on “I am a talented individual (or why I shouldn’t be allowed to us a weedeater)

  1. Now I have it the exact opposite. All Joe has to do is stand there and ask “What can I do?” and I just say “Get outta my way”, or else I’m going to be spending a lot of time undoing whatever it is he did……….this time, and this time only, I applaud your hubby…..next time, stick to sewing!

    • *grins* I actually have quite a bit of experience doing outdoor work like weedeating and such and in fact I had no more trouble after that one little mishap and the ensuing untangling of the machine. I just seem to be accident prone (which is probably why he won’t let me run the riding mower that has issues) and so I always have to have at least one minor mishap a week. And I manage to sew through my finger once in a while when I sew so I’m not really safe anywhere. LOL!

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