Well I was mistaken about the Nablopomo theme for this month. Last month was heroes but this month is routine. Which really works better for me anyway because the only thing I could think of when trying to right about heroes was that song by Enrique Iglesias and then I’d have “I can be your hero baby” running over and over in my head.

To start the month off right I’ll let you in on my routine.

Every morning except weekends I get up when my husband does. I wander into the bathroom to put in my contacts and then its off to the living room to do my workout. If I get it out of the way early I am more likely to do it. Wii Fit is my activity of choice as its a weigh-in and workout all in one altho sometimes I’m not too fond of the machine. When my workout is done I usually veg on the couch to check email and my favorite blogs. That done I shower, eat lunch, and then my routine is pretty uncertain till around 4 when I start to think about dinner. Pretty boring, huh?


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