Michelin Man costume?


This is my SIL in her Renaissance Festival costume. See Dana? Its like the Michelin Man’s arms. But she looks so pretty anyway- even way outside her comfort zone in all those bright colors. If anyone is in the Kansas City area you should definitely check out the KC Ren Fest starting Labor Day weekend. If you watch you can see my SIL’s and my youngest BIL dressed like this.




Don’t ask why he was strangling J12. J13 is the only twin participating in the ren fest but J12 helped out with the parade because they were short on gypsy boys.


7 thoughts on “Michelin Man costume?

  1. I love the historical inaccuracy of these pictures. It’s pretty hilarious. Looks fun, kinda like something you’d see at the back of a marathon–all the people who just walk the whole way.

    • Its so funny because the man in charge of the whole festival is adamant about accuracy in the costuming and fabrics with the exception of the Vulgarians (the people in the bright clothing) They have to have appropriate costumes but multiplied times ten and the color accuracy flies right out the window. Its really a sight to see.

    • Oh you really should go! Its so much fun to see everyone normal and otherwise all decked out and the grounds are awesome!

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