Happy Birthday Dana!

So today is Dana’s birthday and she had one simple little request. She wanted some linky love- not a big thing to ask for so I’m doing just that. I also thought that since I haven’t gotten around to making her a card (mostly because I just feel that cards are not my forte and quite frankly if cards are not your forte you shouldn’t send one to the queen of cards) I would make her a collage. But I couldn’t come up with a subject and being the procrastinator that I am I was short on time. And so I decided to just share one of my favorite shots of Dana. Dana titanic shot

Looks pretty good for her age doesn’t she?


One thought on “Happy Birthday Dana!

  1. News flash: Dana Joy Wyzard was one of only a few who survived due to the fact that she learned to swim at age 60. Although most passengers thought she was a drag queen and wasn’t given a life raft.

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