Just what I needed

Because I’m a terrible bloggess (is that even a word? well it is now) I have probably failed to mention that I am in love with this blog and have been for quite some time. She has dark and twisted ideas for decorating the house (something you’d never suspect ME of liking but I do) fun links to all sort of crazy ephemera around the web and most recently she hosted a Secret Santa Can Suck it swap. This seemed right up my tired and stressed alley- a swap where no actual swapping goes on. Instead we are assigned another blog and we go to said blog, read it (hopefully) and decide from what we see what we would have gotten our partner if we …. you know… cared or something like that. I am loving this idea because it allows me to be as creative and crazy as possible without worrying about a budget.

So without further ado, I received Tomato Blight for my partner and immediately grinned when I saw her blog name- I like tomatoes for one thing- and for another its sounds delightfully twisted. When I first wandered over to her blog this morning (my spam folder ate the email last night that told me who my partner was so I had to go find it this morning) the first post I saw was one on turning a cutesy little bird house into something a bit more…. sinister and now I can’t wait to see how she finishes it.

My gifts to you Tomato?

Your very own repo man. Because I think there are times when everyone needs a little cash on the side and those of us who are of the crafty variety especially need that extra money to better feed our addictions. We have our obsessions that must be kept in check and the best medicine is more stuff. New supplies, new gadgets, new goodies to tear up and put back together as we see fit. Having your own organ lending business complete with addictive drugs to make sure your customers are repeat customers would allow you to finance your crafty business quite nicely. Plus any man who can play the multiple personality thing like that without actually being crazy should be handy to have around when you need a hand say fending off unwanted telemarketers and such.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Just what I needed

    • I’m so glad you like it 🙂 I love that movie too- it has me going “oooo I want that outfit and that one and that one…. I could totally make that….” and the music o lord the music!

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