Posts that is…. I’ve been at this for 2 and a half years and it took me that long to get to 300 posts. I’m sporadic to say the least about all this writing biz. I’ll find something that peaks my interest for a while and then the next shiny object will catch my eye and I’m off and running in a different direction.

Lately I’ve just been busy with my school work. As I write I’m in the process of procrastinating on yet another assignment for my drawing class. This class has been a challenge and at times  a frustration. I’m lazy after so much time out of school and I have other things on my plate- house keeping, cooking, sewing, spending time with my dear sweet husband, my dogs, my family, taking pictures and trying to get better at that. I spend so much time trying to learn new things every day.

Now I’m adding creative writing to my random collection of things to do. I’ve loved to write for a very long time, but its not something that I do very often (aside from this blog and even that is not very often) However with my next class being a remedial English class because I wasn’t able to get a test proctored in order to see if I was eligible for a college level course (considering I took an honors level dual credit class the last time I was in college and got straight A’s til I didn’t turn in the last assignment due to personal problems I think I could manage) I imagine I’ll be doing sentence structures and reviews of the stuff I learned in elementary school and I’m not looking forward to it. So my writing may slack off, or I may be more prolific, coming to you all to critique and correct.

We’ll see. This isn’t much of a 301st post, but it is what it is. Maybe by the time I get to 400 I’ll have something important to say… maybe.


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