Local Antique Stores

I have a particular love of antique stores and fab finds as you may know if you’ve been around long enough. Lately the economy has been more conducive to window shopping and selling than buying all the little knicknacks my heart so desires and because of this I’ve steered clear of my favorite spots. Today, tho, I had a good excuse in the form of a) this blog and b) my photography class. I don’t know how many of my readers are local, but I figured there must be a few and I wanted to share a couple of cute little places that I consider to be treasures in and of themselves.

The fun fact about these two stores is that they’re locally owned by the same family and one of them has been in business for 29 years! How cool is that, right? I kinda had to grin when I gave that some thought because there are a few things in some of the booths that may have been considered just used refuse when the first store opened and now these same things are vintage. Hmmm remind me to never ever ever throw anything away again, huh?

With the first store I want to show you, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like. The lighting is a little dim for photography and I was trying hard to learn the settings on my camera for the manual modes. This store is a personal favorite of mine because it sits across a parking lot and railroad tracks from some of the best barbecue around. I have been stopping in this store for several years now and I can always find cute stuff for a nice bargain. They have great prices and the people who work there are just as sweet as can be.

They were just recently bought out by the family that owns the other store I went to and I am a little disappointed that some of the vendors have changed because this used to be my go-to spot for vintage linens and there seems to be a lot less of those now. Even so, they have so many other lovely goodies that it still sits at number one on my list of antique stores to visit.

Among other goodies are some beautiful glass pieces that I would love to take home and fill my kitchen with

Heck not just the kitchen, but the whole darn house!

They’ve got all sorts of other goodies not glass related and a nice flea market area too. I walked out with a beautiful red scalloped edge scarf ($2) a Peter and the Wolf record that I grew up listening to ($1) and a fortune telling kit that looked too fun to pass up! ($3) Talk about a fun place to play!

The second store (and actually my first stop) sits on Main Street in a little town called Grain Valley. Its about 10 miles from here give or take a few and such a picturesque little place that I love to drive through just to see the old buildings.

As amazing as this seems to me now, I only discovered this store about a year ago. As I sit here typing I can see my first purchase (a darling little orange apron) hanging from its peg in my kitchen. I love aprons because I wear peasant skirts about 50% of the time and I always need a pocket for my darn cell phone when I’m running around the house. This place is a wonderful source for aprons and just about everything else you can imagine. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve got a few thousand words worth of pictures for you 😀View of a few booths from the front of the store

If you love old jewelry, you can find tons of it here. I love those green necklaces especially!

I’ve been a Tonka girl for as long as I can remember- I grew up playing with my dad’s old Tonka toys

Despite the deceptively small front, the building is really huge inside

Got a car enthusiast in your family? Here’s a booth for them!

Had to buy this license plate- its from the year I was born

Okay I really wanted to take these home with me but I can tell you right now that Jarell would have looked at them and then me and said, “You paid how much for paper bags?!?” Not that they were overpriced, but I couldn’t justify much after having to spend $80 on prescriptions…

Its Christmas year round at this booth and I love it!

Ready to go shopping? Me too! Oh wait…. I already did…. shhh don’t tell my husband! 😀

If you want to find out more about this awesome antique mall, check them out online at www.mainstreetmallantiques.com You won’t be sorry you did!


4 thoughts on “Local Antique Stores

  1. First: I LOVE your new layout!! It’s like putting fresh sheets on the bed. You look forward to seeing your new blog just like you look forward to going to bed.

    Second: I can identify with the “pull” one feels when they start a second blog. The second blog (as mine is now doing) causes me to have to make decisions daily – post on the old one as expected, or spend too much time with the second one…..which is my preference.

    • Thank you Dana! I’m a big fan of this new layout myself- its so bright and fresh like you said. I know what you mean about the decisions on where to post. I find that I can easily set up a weeks worth of posts for the photoblog because I’m not doing anything more complicated than picking pictures and tagging them. It’s simple and I like seeing my pictures up there on the screen. Seeing that I technically have 3 blogs (a cooking one has about 20 posts here on WP) I’ve been through this decision process before. I’m not sure what the end result will be- will I keep this one up? Probably because I want to keep my personal life separate from my photography for the time being.

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