Just thought I’d mention….

That I love that someone found my blog by searching for “midget pants”

Midget Melissa in big ass comfy pants

and this is the picture that came up when they found me…. because I’m not really a midget you see. I’m a respectable almost 5 foot 4 inches. I just feel like a midget sometimes.


One thought on “Just thought I’d mention….

  1. Honey, I remember that original post. Do you remember sending some material to me as well as a handmade pin cushion? I still have the pin cushion. I used the material to make two very skimpy, pathetic aprons for my two sisters. There was more than enough material to make one of my sisters a very nice apron, but I couldn’t choose which one….so I made TWO sisters look at their aprons and wonder why I made them so small. lol

    love you child

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