Planning a Wedding

I’ve been busy and gone for awhile. So long that I’m not even going to try and fill you in on everything, I’m just going to pretend I’ve been here all along.

I’m planning a wedding. Actually, in technical terms, its a vow renewal ceremony, but its going to be the wedding I never had so its a wedding.

I never would have realized it until I read around on a few wedding sites, but apparently this is a very touchy subject for some brides to be. I for one cannot imagine what must have happened in their lives to make them so vicious towards other women like me who wish to have what, for whatever reason, they were unable to have the first time around, but I must say I was appalled.

Allow me to say now that if you are one of those people who feels that the idea of a couple having a wedding ceremony and reception for a vow renewal is wrong or a sham, please feel free to go somewhere else right now because that’s what this blog is going to focus on for the next several months leading up to our chosen date. We are not doing this for gifts or attention, but rather to have our friends and family there to witness our union and celebrate with us in the way we had wished to do it when we first got married.

I’m going to be DIY’ing a lot Lot LOT of stuff for this wedding and I plan to share as much of it as I can with my readers (all 3 of you plus the crickets lol). Some projects will be original, some my takes on other tutorials from around the web. I honestly won’t know until I get started, but I figure, hey- its worth a go, right?


2 thoughts on “Planning a Wedding

  1. Thank you Megan 😀 It’s nice to hear a positive voice. I need a few of those to drown out those terribly negative comments those women made.

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