At a loss…….

I’m a photographer. Okay maybe not a paid photographer, but still a photographer, a taker of pictures. I have standards and ethics and I also know what a photographer should charge to shoot a wedding. Can you tell where I’m leading with all of this yet? If you can’t you must have missed my post yesterday. I’m talking about how I want to photograph my own wedding (vow renewal) and I can’t for obvious reasons, but I also don’t have a clue how we’re going to afford a decent photographer to do it for me.

I keep going over the options (that I’m sure every other bride goes over) talented amateur friends and family, finding a beginner, pawning my first born child, etc. Here’s the problems in order- friends and family? I don’t think I have the time to teach them everything they’d need to know about shutter and aperture priorities to get that perfect shot, the beginner- maybe not a problem, but again I’d have to know they knew at least as much as I do, and I don’t have a first born child to pawn off yet so that’s out of the question. I know that the amount of hours that go into a wedding make the $2000 price range that most photographers charge fair. Don’t believe me?  Read this and then you’ll understand.

So with that in mind I’m trying to figure out a good compromise that will probably consist of me taking pictures of the details of the wedding on my own time. Morning of maybe? we’re doing an evening ceremony. That would let me get pictures of things like the dress, the reception setup, my shoes, bouquet, rings, etc. There are even things that I can take pictures of as I get them made and that will allow me to have some of my own creativity in the pictures along with the end results that whoever we choose as a photographer achieves.

And that folks is my goal for this week. To figure out the answer to this question. Why so soon you ask? You’ve got 13 months and some change to figure this all out… why now? Well, I’m kinda silly like that I guess.  On that note, you all have a nice night. I’m off to contemplate this conundrum for awhile longer and then bed because I has the sick.


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