Scrap Swap

I entered a swap awhile back but immediately got sidetracked by school, the wedding plans, my grandfather’s passing, and my photography stuff so I forgot to tell you about it. I didn’t forget about the fabric tho- that’s what it was- a fabric scrap swap- and this Mr. Owl up above represents a very nice selection of the beautiful fabrics sent to me by my swap partner, Wendy. The fabrics she sent down were gorgeous and I knew right away what I wanted to use them for. I had that piece of lace staring at me for well over a year looking all owlish and when I saw the pretty pieces that Wendy sent me, I knew they’d be beautiful together. Enter in a nasty bout of my IBS and I was couch bound for a couple of days which turned out to be plenty of time to hand sew everything but the outline which I ran off real quick on the machine. The belly (which you see in the first close-up shot) was the coolest blue swirly fabric and I hand embroidered those stitches on there in every single swirl while watching ‘Bones’ on my Netflix. My husband happened to be out of town so I could lounge without feeling guilty of hogging the tv and it was a perfect way to recuperate. When he saw the stitching he was amazed that I did it all by hand, but I love the texture it added to my new pillow.

Thank you so much Wendy for the beautiful scraps! I plan to start on something else with them as soon as I get another batch of down days with no assignments 😉




2 thoughts on “Scrap Swap

  1. I just read about your grandfather. I’m sorry. In the end it seems we all end up with just a few articles left behind to announce we were ever here to begin with. I brought my dad’s old tin of tobacco and his pipe with me to Florida.

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