Still alive

I swear I’m still alive. Its just been a very busy and messy year so far. Its almost April and we haven’t even sent out the yearly invitations to the family reunion! (oops!) My grandfather died in January and while that was sad, I knew he’d lived a long and productive life. I’ve been busy with classes but that’s not much of an excuse. I was sick quite a bit for a while there. I’ve been working on my photography business (yes business! I’ve currently got two paying gigs lined up in the next month!!) And then on Friday, my dog was sick. My 11 month old Bessie who had puppies on Valentines day. (yes she was too young, I wanted to get her spayed, but we were low on funds when it came time to take her to the vet due to my husband’s job not paying him for almost a month and it was too late by the time we had the money) I planned to take her to our vet on Monday because she had thrown up a couple of times and wasn’t eating much. Saturday night we kept her inside so she could get some rest and when I went to check on her Sunday morning, she was dead. I have no idea what made her so sick that she was gone so fast and I can’t help but blame myself because I feel like I should have known if something was that badly wrong with her, but aside from a worried sick feeling in my stomach, I had no idea. I took her to the vet after the puppies were born. He checked her out, sent her home with some antibiotics and she seemed fine. Its still a shock to me and now I have 8 orphaned babies to watch out for. Thankfully I have 2 adult females who tolerate the babies because they still need someone to show them how to be dogs.

For those of you who have dogs who are like your family (or closer for some of you) you understand what a blow this is I’m sure. It has me off-balance but playing with her little ones has been some of the best medicine. They’re precious and irresistible and I will be keeping at least two of them. We will be setting aside a nice chunk of our tax refund to take care of all the vet bills (spaying, shots, etc) so that I don’t have to worry about this happening again. 


3 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Oh that poor little precious baby. All they want is to be loved and give love and here she was, suffering enough to die from whatever it was. Because she was too young to give birth to such a large litter, I can only assume it was a tear in her uterus. Hard to diagnose but some vets consider them little more than livestock. If you can, be careful who gets the puppies. So many of them are used as “pit bait” that it’s difficult to know. Beau saved me as much as I saved him and he sits upright beside me on the sofa at night, leaning against my arm as we watch tv. He does anything just to be near me. It worries me, the thought that I might not be around for HIS lifetime. He would be heart broken and not understand that I hadn’t deserted him. Sorry to ramble, but animals bring my heart to the surface.

  2. I know what you mean Dana. Our vet is wonderful, but old-fashioned and under-funded due to trying to keep his cost to his patients down and although he checked her out right after the puppies were born, it was a basic exam. He told me to bring her back if she didn’t seem to recover, but for 5 weeks she did. She put weight back on, was eating and digesting her food just fine and then it was just like someone flipped a switch and she was gone in just a few short hours. It was terrible.

    As for finding homes for the puppies, I’ve found a local no-kill shelter that I want to work with and if I do, I will be offering my time to photograph their animals that need homes to help them have a nice image to show potential owners.

    I feel the same way you do about these babies and I’m glad to have a friend like you who loves their baby so much.

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