Because Dana said I should ;)

I’m a busy girl I can give you at least half a dozen people who can vouch for that. But Dana said I should post more so this is yet another attempt to do that. With school (two classes right now instead of my normal one), family, puppies (we’re keeping them and a big fence is in the works), gardening, and my slowly growing photography business not to mention keeping my photography facebook page updated, I’m a busy busy girl. There have been days lately where I have been on the computer all day doing actual work! Not playing on Facebook or running around craft blogs, but editing pictures for paying clients and trying to find just the right finish. Which reminds me- I need to email one of those paying clients and I need to get some pictures up for the other one. *sigh* So my blogging has slowed down quite a bit come to a screeching halt. I still read a good couple dozen blogs on a every other daily basis and that is my me time right now, but I can barely remember what it used to be like when I lived my life like this every day. And the reality is, I never did- I worked once upon a time for some of the major retailers in our area, not to mention the state of Missouri at a home for the mentally disabled, but those stressful times of worry and never enough money, time, energy, and sanity are so far removed from my school work and enjoyable photography work that itsĀ  really silly to compare the two.

I haven’t had much time (or interest) for crafting lately- photography fills that obsessive need to create that used to drive me mad because I knew there was *something!* that I needed to be doing but I could never discover what that something was. I would dance around like a junky who needed a fix- cranky, twitchy and overly emotional because my need to create wasn’t being met. Now? I’m peaceful even when things are stressful because I have found my niche. And do you know how rare that is?? Finding one’s niche in this madhouse of a world is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. I feel like the Princess who felt that pea through all the feather beds and I’m finally where I belong! It is such a relief, but that relief releases a lot of pent up frustration and anguish and twitchiness that I used to express on my poor, neglected blog. So I’ll visit from time to time, hopefully post some pictures (I have a picture blog but in all reality, I’m unlikely to get there much either so you’re more likely to see them here.

Just to show what I’ve been up to, here’s a sample of some of my recent work. I’d love to hear what you think!