Vow renewal ceremony update

These shots are the bouquet- my beautiful wonderful bouquet that makes me tear up a little bit just thinking about it because its the second one I’ve made. The first one resides in vases all around my house and never saw the ceremony because everything was rushed and the ceremony didn’t have any decorations. This one is actually going to see action tho and that makes me happy and a little wistful all at the same time.

The pictures are a little blurry- the light inside was bad and the heat outside was too much for this girl to want to take pictures in. This bouquet features flowers both hand made and cut with my Silhouette SD. There are feathers, buttons, beads, and even a couple of fabric flowers, not to mention a thimble. This bouquet is my something old and blue. The buttons came and thimble came from my grandma’s sewing tins that I was given by my aunt just a few months before she too passed away. The wrapping for the handle was quilt binding that has been salvaged by my gramma and I can just picture her with her ingrained habits of the Great Depression carefully salvaging that binding in the same way that she saved buttons, bottles, and even thread.

The pitcher the bouquet rests in was hers as well.



One thought on “Vow renewal ceremony update

  1. FYI, my beautiful LIFE IS GOOD blog is no longer under my control. I cannot get in to delete it, or anything ON it. The posts are not mine, and the comments are not mine. The sheriff said a “keystroke logger” was placed on it and all my accounts were highjacked. I’m here via Joe’s computer. DO NOT use my old yahoo email. It goes to the hacker.

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