Images from Michigan


I realized that I had posted briefly about my trip to Michigan but failed to post any pictures. Today I have overcompensated for that oversight.

Sign at my great-grandmother’s house (she passed away just after I got home at the age of 100)

My grandfather with his birthday cake

Blowing out the candles- he’s 90. The woman on his right is my grandma

My uncle with my oldest cousin’s daughter (another cousin in the background couldn’t resist the photo-op either)

Beautiful cappuccino art at a coffee house in Grand Rapids

My first Mimosa

Paella, mimosa, and plantain chips- yum!

Me on the left, my cousin in the middle, and a friend of hers on the right

Amazing sandwich *drool*

The free screen printing booth at the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts

Sleeping off his Sprite

Stars and stripes forever

I love the architecture downtown in GR

Getting ready for a concert

Lead singer of a group called the Potatoe Babies


Steam Pig


3 thoughts on “Images from Michigan

  1. It scared the heck out of me when your photos showed up as white blanks. After reading down your other posts, they finally started loading.

    Last night I made my first card in TWO YEARS and I will actually post a picture of it Friday.

    This ex-family hacking thing is finally at rest. New computer because of nutjobs is not the way I wanted to get a new computer. I actually prefer my old one, but I’m scared to use it now, or else it’s paranoia. But Joe and I have finally recovered from the idiotic death threats.

    I made our spare room (YES I now have a spare room since we moved) into a place for making cards. Then I had to wait for the hacking situation to go away.

    So while you pursue your crafts too, I’ll be here, stealing whatever I can download.

  2. It’s no fun stealing when one has PERMISSION.

    Got my first email from the hacker since I downloaded and bought a ton of anti-hacking software. Hey, I’m an easy target so it looks like they’d go on to bigger fish.

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